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Post by HuMarts » Sat 25. Jan 2014, 09:18

I have made a simple website with LightRoom-plugins from The Turning Gate. My web-pages are exported as .php-files.
To my knowledge no SQL-/database things are involved here.
Question: is it still possible for me to use MAMP on my iMac to do my off-line work on further website development?
Because, up till now, this "one-click-installation" apparently requires a bit more, without me knowing what, exactly.

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Re: Installation

Post by FrankSBradley » Mon 27. Jan 2014, 16:34


With MAMP/MAMP-PRO it is very easy to develop web sites/applications locally and then upload them to your hosting server. The uploading to your hosted is more a function of your development tool such as Coda, PHPStorm, etc.


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