Accessing MAMP from Parallels

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Accessing MAMP from Parallels

Post by nbirkett » Sun 23. Mar 2014, 12:29

I have an iMac with MAMP 3 installed. It works fine in the OS/X environment. I also run Parallels Version 9 to provide a virtual Windows 8.1 environment for testing and to run Windows-specific programmes.

I am trying to access mySQL databases installed in my MAMP package from a programme inside the Windows environment. I keep getting an error that my host is not allowed to connect to this mySQL server. I did a google search and found a suggestion that I need to edit the 'my.cnf' file to fix this.

However, I can not find a 'my.cnf' file in the MAMP installation.

Is there a configuration setting which I need to tweek to fix this?

Thanks, Nick.

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