MAMP 3.03 SSL and firewall

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MAMP 3.03 SSL and firewall

Post by allan_palmer » Sun 30. Mar 2014, 11:19

Fully registered MAMP Pro 3.03 under Mavericks
- MAC OSX Server is installed but no web services running

Development site using MAMP/Extras - Drupal, upgraded to Drupal 7.26

Drupal site working perfectly both under unsecure (port 80) and https (port 443) both as localhost and also via IP Address on office lan.

Trying to allow offsite worker to access via firewall. Relevant ports open.
Can access via unsecure and run drupal system no problem.
Via HTTPS offsite via the firewall receives the self-signed certificate (so access to the server on port 443 is ok) and then error
'You dont have permission to access / on this server' yet no errors in the apache log file.

Is there a bug or something somewhere (checked httpd.conf and .htaccess but nothing obvious) that is allowing localhost and LAN access but not allowing access via a firewall/non-lan iP address/NAT traversal?
Do I REALY have to setup a VPN just to bypass this? HELP

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