phpMyAdmin not found, and SQL restarting every 10 seconds!

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phpMyAdmin not found, and SQL restarting every 10 seconds!

Post by sergiozambrano » Wed 2. Apr 2014, 08:31

I just installed MAMP in Mac OS Maverick, and apache is running fine, (deactivated my OSX apache installation, which costed me days to get it working, so now I have none working) but MAMP's SQL doesn't work.

The url in the browser shows http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/?lang=en&language=English and it says NOT FOUND.

I have setup a few server names under hosts tab, but removing them and resetting the ports to the default does no effect.

If I launch workbench instead, I can select MAMP PRO database ( I have others there as well ) but once inside, under instance -> StartUp - ShutDown, I see it's STOPPED…
but wait, it doesn't matter whether I start it or stop it, it turns itself ON and OFF every 10 seconds!

I didn't have the previous SQL control panel as "start automatically on startup", so I don't think that's messing with this.

I tried changing every port, setting and path around, resetting every time, no success.

Any ideas?

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