Wordpress/MAMP domain name Issue (please help)

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Wordpress/MAMP domain name Issue (please help)

Post by Wildcat » Fri 4. Apr 2014, 18:59


Basically i was trying to get my site from MAMP server onto the Wordpress subdomain (XXX.Wordpress.com) instead of being under local host.

I followed a tutorial online and either got lost or messed up because I changed the the general settings in my LocalHost (MAMP) to XXX.Wordpress.com and now the local host is broken and I cant get back onto it. Obviously I cant get back to General Settings bit either because that was through my local host.

I have literally got such a headache from trying to get it back and been working on it for hours now and not having much luck despite trawling the web for help.

Still have all the files in the HTDocs folder under MAMP, so I definitely know that I havent accidently deleted the site, I just need to get it back onto Local Host, or onto the XXX.Wordpress sub domain.

Please help!!

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