I have upgraded my MAMP 2.x install "successfully" to MAMP 3

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I have upgraded my MAMP 2.x install "successfully" to MAMP 3

Post by michaelvsprague » Tue 15. Apr 2014, 20:22

My plain vanilla HTML page loads from /localhost/ which is good.

PHP Info shows up, also good.

PHPMyAdmin will not grant me access to the database. It gives a 1045 error instead.
No so good.

I have had MAMP installed for a few years, not ever really done much with it. Now I am trying to do more, but the PHP Admin tool I am used to accessing is not working (previously mentioned 1045 error)

When I try the other link (http://localhost/phpLiteAdmin/phpliteadmin.php) it gives me this info:
There was a problem setting up your database, /Applications/MAMP/db/sqlite/config.db. An attempt will be made to find out what's going on so you can fix the problem more easily.

Checking supported SQLite PHP extensions...

PDO: installed
SQLite3: installed
SQLiteDatabase: not installed

So, now I am trying to find a way to install a database.

From the Terminal prompt the command sqLite3 starts up SQLite3, and my idea is to try and restore from a backup of my Wordpress db saves as a .sql file locally. If "restore main /Volumes/SecureLOCK/public_html/db/nameOfDB.sql" is working at all, it is taking a very very long time.

Which seems odd on a brand new Macbook Pro core I5 with 16GB RAM and SSD drive.

Does anyone see what I am doing wrong?

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