ID3 Support in PHP 5

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ID3 Support in PHP 5

Post by netphreak » Thu 12. Apr 2007, 09:26

Is there a way to enable support for ID3 MP3 tag reading with PHP5 in MAMP 1.41?

Or is it possible to enable it in the next release of MAMP?

Kindly regards

Søren Jepsen

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Post by jfried » Thu 12. Apr 2007, 11:40

Hi netphreak,

if you use an intel mac you can download my id3 tag php module from:

If you need a ppc version i can tell you how to compile additional php modules for MAMP.



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Re: ID3 Support in PHP 5

Post by magix » Thu 18. Jul 2013, 11:39

I had used the ID3 extensions to work on with the mp3 files, it gives a very good functionally and added up features like song extraction, merging files etc. in normal php module this is missing and it has less user friendly features.
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