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Post by schwaiger » Wed 18. Jan 2006, 18:33

ist es möglich imagemagick mit einzukompilieren ???

währe super dankbar..

danke u lg flo

Christoph Schiessl
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Post by Christoph Schiessl » Tue 20. Jun 2006, 21:08

Ich hätte den gleichen Wunsch. imagick wäre toll!


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Post by Nasstaucher » Thu 25. Jan 2007, 22:35

ImageMagick wäre auch mein Wunsch ... ist da was geplant!?

MfG, Nasstaucher

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Post by jfried » Thu 12. Apr 2007, 12:32


you can download my imagick module from

You need the image-magick-???.tar.bz2 as well.

Just exrtact it to / and copy the php module to your extension directory.

to your php.ini and restart apache.

The Library is not tested. But it shows up in phpinfo(). So i think it will work.


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That's a UNIX executable for Intel only?

Post by zzal » Fri 11. May 2007, 19:01

you can download my imagick module from
That's very kind of you to share this with us.
Unfortunately, I run MAMP on a old mac wich is PPC, so the module doesn't load.
Can you explain to us how to compile for PPC cpus?
Or simply make it and, again kindly, let us download it?
Thank you!

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Post by jfried » Tue 5. Jun 2007, 08:49


you can do it yourself this way (i have no more ppc/osx)

Download form your PHP Version (Source Code).

Extract it.

Build it.

./configure --prefix=/tmp/php
make && make install

Build the desired module:
Switch to the "ext" folder in the extracted PHP Sourcecode.

cd ext/you-module

Set the Environment Variables:

export PATH=/tmp/php/bin:$PATH

See if "phpize" points to the right location.

which phpize

It should display something like "/tmp/php/bin/phpize".

Then run:

make install

Copy the new generated Module to the MAMP Module directory.
Put the extension in your php.ini File and restart the Webserver.

You've done!

Good luck :)



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Post by jacob » Wed 12. Mar 2008, 16:51

the above instructions are a bit unclear to me, can someone confirm them?

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