Increase memory_limit

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Increase memory_limit

Post by hstrindb » Sun 6. Nov 2011, 07:27


The default setting 32MB is not enough for drupal. After updating MAMP local drupal installations doesn't work until one the memory_limit is increased. I suggest 256MB as the default value. But this is hard to remember since one updates MAMP not too often and it takes a while to find out why nothing works.

Thanks for MAMP!

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Re: Increase memory_limit

Post by FrenkyNet » Fri 2. Mar 2012, 10:21

You can set this in your .htaccess:

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php_value memory_limit 256M
But a default of 256M is insanely high.

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Re: Increase memory_limit

Post by ApacheN00bie » Sat 10. Mar 2012, 17:54

Thanks for the tip. Where exactly would I add this parameter? Would it go in the htaccess file that is located at the top level of each domain's main directory, or would I put it at the top level of the htdocs folder itself?

Also, would I write something like this?:

# Increase PHP memory
php_value memory_limit 128M


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