Zend Optimizer Upgrade

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Zend Optimizer Upgrade

Post by jamp » Sun 25. Nov 2007, 17:12

How do I upgrade to 3.3.0 as unfortunately I need this to install a script locally and could find no way of doing it manually.

Thanks in advance.

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Post by severin » Thu 6. Dec 2007, 15:28

Hi jamp,

I haven't tried it but I guess that it should be doable. I guess that it could be tricky, though. It would be a good idea to backup your current installation before you start your experiments.

I would expect that downloading Zend Optimizer, installing it as sudo and changing the owner of the entire MAMP folder to your user account afterwards should be sufficient to get it working with MAMP. You will have to use appropriate paths




during the installation process. The new php.ini files has to be moved from

/Applications/MAMP/bin/php<4 or 5>/zend/etc/php.ini
/Applications/MAMP/conf/php<4 or 5>/php.ini

and it should already work with MAMP.

Getting it working with MAMP PRO would be more complicated but I guess that it can be done as well.

As already said - no warranty and be careful, this isn't supported nor recommended.


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Re: Zend Optimizer Upgrade

Post by daavidfischer » Fri 18. Oct 2013, 06:57

To download a free trial you will get free trial links from internet. Click on that link, and install it. To get the latest version, download the setup link from internet, run that after disabling your antivirus and follow the instructions showing.

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