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Readline extension

Post by ruudk » Mon 29. Nov 2010, 09:40

It would be so great to have the READLINE extension in the next MAMP Pro release.

Symfony2 makes use of this extension for an interactive console.

You can start it by typing

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./app/console -s

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Re: Readline extension

Post by nbransby » Tue 12. Nov 2013, 16:01

+1 this. Also now used in Laravel tinker command

3 years later and its still not there!!

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Re: Readline extension

Post by Dingus » Tue 3. Dec 2013, 16:57


I too need this for Tinker and Boris in Laravel 4. What is the problem?!? Is there a way to put this in, all comments seem to indicate that this is a nightmare to try to put into MAMP manually.

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