Error: #1046 - No database selected (Can't import DB)

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Error: #1046 - No database selected (Can't import DB)

Post by wpdesigner » Thu 24. Mar 2011, 03:48

03/24/11 UPDATE:

I did reinstall MAMP and I was able to alter this error. Because I am new at DB issues, it's hard to know where (or how often) I erred. There were several frustrating things going on causing multiple errors. Regarding just the database import; I believe that I was not actually selected on the newly created DB at my host provider when I tried to import. This certainly simplifies the message "No database selected."

Prior to uploading/importing the existing database, I also Search and Replaced all soon to be invalid pointing ('http://localhost' --> '')

This enabled a smooth transition from the local version of Wordpress to the live version.


I've been struggling with this problem for about 7 days now; I'm not seeing others here with this same error, but here goes.

1.) I developed/customized a Wordpress site locally by using MAMP. I am on MAC OSX v. 10.5.8. All was fine and lovely during the development period. I printed out and studied several step-by-step guides of how to move the site from its local environment to a hosted server (the live domain).

2.) These steps have now been accomplished EXCEPT a successful import of the database that was created using MAMP's MyPHP interface. I have even switched host providers! Both host providers -- while trying to import the database in their MyPHP interface -- comes back with the exact same error, see below:


SQL query:

-- Database: `wp-runecast`
-- --------------------------------------------------------
-- Table structure for table `wp_commentmeta`
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `wp_commentmeta` ;

MySQL said: Documentation
#1046 - No database selected

I have exported from the MAMP MyPHP app in at least 5-7 different ways (do DROP tables, do NOT drop tables, selected checkboxes recommended in the WP Codex as well as the Hostgator support notes); each way ends up with the same result, the above #1046 error.

It seems that something is happening on my end, but I do not know how to test it or correct it.

If upgrading to MAMP Pro would solve this problem, I would do it in a flash.

Please help. I'm very tired and out of sorts.

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Re: Error: #1046 - No database selected (Can't import DB)

Post by monkeysports » Thu 31. Mar 2011, 22:56

Can you please clarify what you mean by "I believe that I was not actually selected on the newly created DB at my host provider when I tried to import." I am having this same problem importing a DB into MAMP (I started building my site on the live server, then decided I wanted to build offline first, and I want to import the work I've already done). It sounds like you solved this problem, so if you could outline how you accomplished that, it would be very helpful.


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