MAMP Pro will not let me select DocumentRoot

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MAMP Pro will not let me select DocumentRoot

Post by soopafly » Wed 3. Aug 2011, 21:19

Hi all,
I just installed OSX Lion and reinstalling all my applications. I've just installed MAMP Pro 2.01 and noticed that I cannot select the folders I used to select when I was running Snow Leopard. When I'm trying to add a new host, I give it a server name, then select the "Disk Location". From here a number of my folders are greyed out and I'm unable to select. I usually place my projects under ~/Documents/projects. Here is a screenshot. Any help would be great


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Re: MAMP Pro will not let me select DocumentRoot

Post by Dirk Einecke » Mon 22. Aug 2011, 12:49


you've selected www/mysql (Server -> General -> Run Apache/MySQL server as user). This users do not have the permission to access your "Documents" folder. Choose YOURUSERNAME/YOURUSERNAME or select a folder outside of you user folder or select the "Sites" folder in you user folder.

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Re: MAMP Pro will not let me select DocumentRoot

Post by rogermedia » Fri 26. Jul 2013, 19:19

Hi Dirk,

I am confused by your answer here as the application gives me this warning if I select the USERNAME/USERNAME option:
"For security reasons, it's recommended to run the servers as 'www/mysql' when your Mac is connected to the Internet."

I am trying to use a folder that resides in my Dropbox folder called Sites. Is there something I can do to that folder to enable it to work with MAMP Pro?

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