MAMP not logging all php errors

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MAMP not logging all php errors

Post by @robertotra » Mon 6. Feb 2012, 20:16

For some reasons, the php_error log does not register all php errors. As example to me it did not write some errors inside deepest levels of multi-nested if statements, leaving me concerned with a white page and no error logged.

Since I use MAMP for local development, this is not for me a big issue, because I toggled on display_errors inside php.ini and now watch errors on the screen, but you might want to investigate if there are any problems in your error logging procedure.


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Re: MAMP not logging all php errors

Post by bellaa » Mon 11. Feb 2013, 09:33

I have the same problem and still looking for the solution
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Re: MAMP not logging all php errors

Post by kenorb » Wed 13. Nov 2013, 10:27

In MAMP PRO, you've to enable Error handling (PHP) which contains at least two the main options: 'Display startup errors' and set output 'To: Display'.
'Display startup errors' is equivalent to display_startup_errors and 'To: Display' to display_errors.

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