Php error log broken

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Php error log broken

Post by superfine » Fri 21. Mar 2008, 11:45

[Running MAMP on OSX Leopard.]

Every time i had a php error it used to be noted in the php error log. About 7 days ago this stopped happening. I can see that the last error was on 14th March. I've not changed any error settings in this time (or anything in php.ini infact), my settings are the standard install ones as below:

error_reporting = E_ALL
display_errors = Off
display_startup_errors = Off
log_errors = On

I've just tried turning display_errors to on, and this does not work either when i introduce an error into my scripts.

I've had repeated problems with MAMP not running properly, after a crash - so this may be the root of my problem. I've had to reset MAMP by following instruction in another post here - ie opening the preferences then OKing them - that restarts the servers when all else fails. Reinstalling MAMP has not fixed the log problem either

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Re: Php error log broken

Post by kenorb » Wed 13. Nov 2013, 10:25

Make sure that in MAMP PRO (if you're using), you've enabled Error handling (PHP) and two the main options: 'Display startup errors' and set output 'To: Display'.
'Display startup errors' is equivalent to display_startup_errors and 'To: Display' to display_errors.

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