CSS Styles Missing - MAMP 2.1.1 (no issue with 2.0.5)

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CSS Styles Missing - MAMP 2.1.1 (no issue with 2.0.5)

Post by ste75 » Fri 4. Jan 2013, 16:44

I've seen a few posts with what appears to be people experiencing the same issue but with no one taking this seriously.

I have 3 mac's all with the same setups and sites etc. With my lastest Mac (Retina Pro) I have installed MAMP 2.1.1 and for some reason the majority of styles are missing from my websites in all my browsers which includes Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Again please note these are the same setup on the other computers but without this problem (the only difference being the Mac Computer Model and MAMP being 2.0.5).

If someone would like to replicate this issue it appears to be noticable with Lime Survey. Version 2 appears fine but any version below this 1.92 etc has the styles missing. Similarly a local drupal site that I have been working on has also - all of a sudden - lost it's styles (the css exists etc but it is not porting through to the browser).

Please note that although I'm not an amazing developer I have been developing for over 4 years so know the difference on linking CSS style sheets etc. I've tried everything and the only common denominator appears to be MAMP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

PS This is not tirade against MAMP, I think it's great but need to iron out this issue.

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Re: CSS Styles Missing - MAMP 2.1.1 (no issue with 2.0.5)

Post by jpoteet » Mon 10. Jun 2013, 04:23

My problem is similar.

I am testing a new set of styles, so I created a test page, linking to the new external style sheet.

When I test with safari accessing the mamp localhost, the styles do not render. When I look at the safari page source, it shows the presence of a css file, but will not display its contents.

The exact same test under chrome works fine.

After uploading the test files to my real website, the test works fine under both browsers.

Here's where it gets strange. Older pages which link to external style sheets render just fine. The problem seems to be with just new files freshly created with dreamweaver. If I take an existing page which renders ok and do a select all, then copy and paste to create a new page, the new page won't render, but the old one will.

I noticed that you have had no responses and am curious if you figured out what was happening.


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