Virtual hosts do not stop with "Stop" button

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Virtual hosts do not stop with "Stop" button

Post by dbabbage » Tue 15. Apr 2008, 12:32

When there is a big button that says "Stop" at the top of the application, in my view it should stop everything—both the Apache webserver and MySQL databases but also the local name resolution services. I have been trying to figure out ( why that feature doesn't work, only to discover that what I have to do is manually untick every one of the local name resolution services that I've set up, and click "Apply" to stop them working.

That's crazy. Give me one-click start, and one-click stop, for everything. At least give a preference to make this an option, if you don't want to change the default.

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Re: Virtual hosts do not stop with "Stop" button

Post by severin » Tue 29. Apr 2008, 14:48

Hi dbabbage,

I think that a preference to turn the local name resolution off when stopping the server would be a better option. Thanks for the idea!


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Re: Virtual hosts do not stop with "Stop" button

Post by Dirk Einecke » Fri 15. Jul 2011, 10:54


I've added two new feature requests to our bugbase: Virtual hosts stop and menu bar icon. Hope we will see this features soon :-)

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Re: Virtual hosts do not stop with "Stop" button

Post by daavidfischer » Wed 13. Nov 2013, 10:08

I guess you don't have to be worry about this feature as this is common in most of the application. The reason why you have to click Apply again is, sometimes the users may click Stop by mistake, so in order to avoid such mistakes they asks confirmation to do the stop feature.


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