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After changing root password in phpMyAdmin I cannot connect

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After changing root password in phpMyAdmin I cannot connect

Postby obir » Sun 31. Jan 2010, 21:48

I've tried all the suggestions I've found and it still doesn't work. THIS PROBLEM ISN"T FROM A FRESH INSTALL. I recently changed the root password in phpMyAdmin, thinking that I was improving security. Well, it's so secure now that even I can't get in. I'm running this locally on MAMP and both servers are green, I just can't connect to the db.
After changing the root password I also changed it in:


If I could just change root password back to default I will take that, but when I open up Terminal I get a blank window.
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Re: After changing root password in phpMyAdmin I cannot conn

Postby ijit » Fri 14. Jan 2011, 13:31


I currently have it kind-of-working, and am trying to improve that.

Check you got all the files in Tison's post;

(I know you got one he didn't - thankyou for that)

Make sure your including the port when you type the address in.
For example; it currently works for me when using
but not

(I changed the ports to defaults for apache & MySQL - I also changed the port in to 3306; does anyone know where I might need to add the info for the apache port?)

Only other thing I can think of, is I also did Tison's first step via the terminal, changing the password again (even though I got into this mess by changing the password in phpMyAdmin beforehand)
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