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Mavericks Support

Post by upnic » Sat 15. Jun 2013, 23:12

I have some problens with my MAMP PRO 2.1.4..
Before upgrade my system to Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) MAMP simple stop to work. When I try to start the server I receive a message saying: The /etc/hosts.conf cannot be written.
The normal MAMP (no PRO) works fine.

Anyone have a solution to uses MAMP PRO on new version of Mac OS X?


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Re: Mavericks Support

Post by NeoFuture » Tue 23. Jul 2013, 22:12

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Re: Mavericks Support

Post by lebaigneur » Sat 2. Nov 2013, 16:27

I think it's a proper lack of respect that we haven't seen any official update on mavericks support from MAMP staff (Blog, forum, homepage, newsletter, email, twitter...).
They seem to be 100% AWOL, I haven't seen anything from them and I have looked hard, I haven't receive any answer to any of my request for support in the last weeks.
System has been been available in Beta since June 10th, released october 22nd, and at the end of the day, MAMP is solely targeting Mac OS X.
IMAO, this level of support makes me wonder about MAMP as a company, the long-term reliability of my set-up and whether I should switch to something else right now.

Huge thanks to Liam Gladdy / NeoFuture and the community for finding a fix this time, but I believe support shouldn't come to this, at least not for a software I paid for.

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