Apache Server not starting

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Apache Server not starting

Post by Marquisk2 » Tue 27. Aug 2013, 13:41

I have OSX 10.8 and when I start MAMP only MYSQL gets the green light. (MAMP FREE)

I checked the error logs and this is all I see:

MAMP_2012-07-24_11-41-07/MAMP.app' [9506] for authorization created by '/Applications/MAMP_2012-07-24_11-41-07/MAMP.app' [9506] (3,0)
Aug 27 09:38:21 Richards-iMac.local coreservicesd[70]: Application App:"MAMP" [ 0x0/0xb20b2] @ 0x0x7fdec1e770f0 tried to be brought forward, but isn't in fPermittedFrontASNs ( ( ASN:0x0-0xb30b3:) ), so denying.
Aug 27 09:38:21 Richards-iMac.local WindowServer[8081]: [cps/setfront] Failed setting the front application to MAMP, psn 0x0-0xb20b2, securitySessionID=0x186af, err=-13066
Aug 27 09:38:21 Richards-iMac.local com.apple.SecurityServer[15]: Succeeded authorizing right 'system.privilege.admin' by client '/usr/libexec/security_authtrampoline' [9644] for authorization created by '/Applications/MAMP_2012-07-24_11-41-07/MAMP.app' [9506] (3,0)
Aug 27 09:38:21 Richards-iMac.local authexec[9644]: executing /bin/sh

apache_error.log is blank.

I did ps -ax | grep httpd and there is nothing.

I checked for web sharing and it's not on.

I can't make any sense as to why it won't start. :?:

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