Slow to reflect changes in PHP

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Slow to reflect changes in PHP

Post by alexsomeoddpilot » Fri 4. Oct 2013, 13:57

I've used MAMP previously on other computers and found it to work incredibly well. I can make changes in my PHP code and refresh the browser page and see them immediately reflected.

I've just started working on a different setup (OX 10.6.8, iMac 9,1, MAMP 2.2) and changes in PHP code are incredibly slow to show up. I can refresh the browser again and again, but the changes don't appear. If I wait a couple of minutes or restart the server they show up. The page load times are normal (i.e. very fast). I've tried turning off caching, but I the dropdown has no options available, only the default "--".

Anyone know of a solution?

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